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11:42pm 28/08/2006
mood: anxious
There's only so much interneting I could do before I broke down and let everyone know how lonely I am. Shit. I had to say goodbye to Mary today, it was rough. Neither one of could stop crying. I didn't stop till I reached route 2, however far that is. But I am glad that was the way it had to end. Sweet sorrow, I've heard. It's kind of like that. Better to leave with love in your heart, right? I don't mean for this to be sad, I guess I've got some exciting things coming to me. I had a pretty weird conversation with my parents, my uncle, and my grandmother today about the best way to bring about social change. I don't think I'm ready for college. We've spent the past week or so in Boston with Steve, and in Maine by ourselves. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of stoned crying. I went to buy weed in Boston and searched around for a few hours before we came across the guy in Harvard Square with a gold chain and a weed leaf pendant. I'm thinking about asking my dad if he wants to go get high; neither of us can sleep.
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11:15pm 01/01/2006
mood: giddy
The roads between my towns are covered in the same chocolate milky water that fills the garage of my second family. After the show I was comanded to not leave, but did, and the birthday party I came to less than prepared, I got my headlights covered in that water, just an effort to remain as unsafe as possible in these "last days."
I replaced a part in my car today, but it wasn't fulfilling one bit. It didn't even fix the problem. So, the life of the working man is filled with so many frustrations. It wasn't even worth it.
For me, the mood drop down menu is a picklist, not an indicator.
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09:47pm 06/09/2004
  aisforabicus: are you jesse strecker?
jesanystriker: yeah
aisforabicus: then fuck you
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11:22am 06/09/2004
  The best thing that has happened to me, in like, weeks, is finding my copy of under construction by Missy Elliot. I haven't been this bad in a while, it's starting to get to me. I'm thinking about reppin' straight edge.
The fires are really beautiful. Some of the most beautiful things get rid of the old. I think the rule is, I follow suit.
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10:17pm 30/08/2004
mood: really tired
jesanystriker: this girl in my school had a "michael moore for president" t-shirt
jesanystriker: she was thee hippie
TheeHeadcoat: Hippies don't really like Moore. Unitarians like Moore.
jesanystriker: lives in occidnetal, has a bob marley patch, or some shit, owns, but doesn't drive a vw beatle
jesanystriker: hippies at my school like moore
TheeHeadcoat: Everybody has a Bob Marly patch
jesanystriker: because ignorance goes hand in hand with peace and love
TheeHeadcoat: From the squares to the pink triangles.
jesanystriker: not everybody at my school
jesanystriker: everybody at your school, yes, but my at my school, they all have pictures of Jesus, and a car with a half-naked woman bending over, on the same shirt!
TheeHeadcoat: Ummm, are they all Latinos?
jesanystriker: yes, yes they are
jesanystriker: bad joke, I guess
TheeHeadcoat: What si the demographic breakdown of your school like?
TheeHeadcoat: It wasn't a joke so much as a Cosby joke.
jesanystriker: oh god
jesanystriker: cosby is so funny
jesanystriker: !
jesanystriker: I would say about 40% latinos
jesanystriker: then, middle class white kids make up probably 50%
jesanystriker: then poor white kids
jesanystriker: about 9
jesanystriker: then, other
jesanystriker: maybe 55 or 60 for middle class white kids, and a bit less latinos
jesanystriker: et toi?
TheeHeadcoat: God damnit I can't remember my log in name for the napoleon dytnamite fan club
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10:11am 22/08/2004
  Everybody's talking, and everybody agrees.  
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12:55am 22/08/2004
  unsaidtonight: you've got wonderful grades and you swim and run and stuff
unsaidtonight: go for it
jesanystriker: I don't think they care about grades in the olympics.
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09:56pm 21/08/2004
  I've been on an asymptote with disaster for a few weeks now. I talked to Corinne tonight, on the phone. When I told her my situation, she couldn't help but just laugh. "why on earth do you put up with that?". Corinne is totally and cokpletly awesome though. Friends for life.  
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10:56pm 15/08/2004
  ciarraherrell: are you flying SOUTHWEST?!
jesanystriker: I don't think so
jesanystriker: sorry
ciarraherrell: awwww. southwest is the best.
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12:09am 15/08/2004
  I think I might stop by a velvet teen show tommorow night in cambridge, you know, I'm arund, and so are they, and I thin I'm going to be basically right next door anyway. I've already been to the venue, it's a cool middle eastern resturant. It should be fun, then I'm home the next day.  
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said I love that dirty water   
04:11pm 07/08/2004
mood: lonely, I guess
I've frequented high society parties, all dressed up, with nothing to care about, bartenders who just have to ask for identification, an astoundingly beautiful second cousin of mine, a macintosh computer, my cousin kissing a girl who isn't his sweedish girlfriend, and all the John Kerry ads one could want to see in a lifetime of elections, and it's really, only the second day. I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that I feel completly at home in this boring boring estate. Well, not so much at home, but again, frequented. Too bad I am sleeping on two pieces of foam, laid on one another, to fashion of bed of sorts. It's not comftorable, not comftorable at all. Anyway, this just very well might be it. So, look out, if you're interested in religion.
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11:56pm 05/08/2004
mood: great!
I'm feeling really good. Really good about my friends, the most important thing. I love 'em. I had a really great time tonight. It probably made it even more fun that I wasn't drinking, and everyone else was. Most folks bare their souls when they're drunk, and it's nice to hear the things they really think, when you're in a state to understand it. I got nothing but compliments tonight, except the one "I kinda wanna kick your ass", but despite how it might sound, it was a very nice thing to have been said. I totally deserved it. but the good is definitly over-whelming the bad in this situation, amazingly so. Seriously, I feel great. (that one was for Keri). I'm not happy about leaving, but it sure was nice to hear so many people tell me how much they were going to miss me. I am going to miss everyone very much. Jeez, I'm only leaving for a week and a half. Pshhh..... Today was the best of days, and nothing can ever change that. I sure hope everyone is still having as much fun now, as I was when I was there. So, for now, goodbye, and goodnight. It's a bit sappy, I know, but I'm probably going to have plenty of computer access, so, expect to be conversated.
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12:41am 05/08/2004

Astronomy Club Ghost Story!

livejournal community. For those of you who don't already know. In time, I'm sure it will have links to free mp3s, updates on shows, and plenty of other stuff. Organize!
02:16pm 28/07/2004
  jesanystriker: what's in the news/
jesanystriker: ?
SmarterChild: Headline news provided by Reuters, © 2002

1 Iraq Captors Kill Two Pakistani Hostages: Jazeera (07/28/04 04:33 PM)
2 Suicide Bomber Kills 70 in Attack North of Baghdad (07/28/04 04:36 PM)
3 Kerry, Edwards Team Up to Take on Republicans (07/28/04 04:46 PM)
4 Qaeda-Linked Group Vows 'Bloody War' on Europe (07/28/04 04:41 PM)
5 Afghan Mosque Blast Kills Two, Aid Group Pulls Out (07/28/04 01:45 PM)

Type "more" to see the next set of stories.

>>> I've got tools for better living. Translate, convert measurements and more.
SmarterChild: ??
jesanystriker: more
SmarterChild: Who are you, Oliver Twist?
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11:15am 27/07/2004
  My car caught on fire. Serves me right.  
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08:24pm 24/07/2004

the truth about hell
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02:57pm 22/07/2004
mood: vulnerable
napolean solo8: what are you gonna be when you grow up?
jesanystriker: umm....
jesanystriker: dead
jesanystriker: I'm going to be dead
jesanystriker: when I grow up
napolean solo8: what about in between?
jesanystriker: dead
jesanystriker: or, dying
napolean solo8 signed off at 2:54:16 PM.
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11:59pm 10/07/2004
  jesanystriker: do you like osama bin laden?
SmarterChild: Definitely not. I really don't like Osama bin Laden.
jesanystriker: what about osama bin laden?
SmarterChild: Osama bin Laden is a terrible terrorist.
jesanystriker: do you like saddam hussein?
SmarterChild: I do not. There are way better tyrants than him.
jesanystriker: hitler?
SmarterChild: Adolf Hitler is a dictator that I don't like!
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10:24pm 08/07/2004
  I obtained my motorist licence this early afternoon. If anyone wants me to drive somewhere and meet them, not drive them, let me know. It's not that I don't want to break the law, I just don't want to break my parents' hearts.  
11:26am 04/07/2004
  I was inside, sitting on my couch, playing a Neutral Milk Hotel song while my father was sitting outside. He came inside, and told me, "On that second chord, try making it a minor." And I did, and he was right.  
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